Direct Entry with 3 Day Prep

Direct Entry with 3 Day Prep

Direct Entry Route is appropriate for:

  1. A Level Students (or equivalent high school level). Students should have 3 passes at A Level grade C or above (or predicted passes).  At least two subjects should be Biology and Chemistry.
  2. Those students who have trained in a similar field at a higher level (e.g. BSc. MSc or PhD).
  3. Transfer Students (from U.K. and other EU universities).
The 3 days prior to the exam, prepare students by reviewing past papers, giving support with exam techniques, sitting mock exams, the students will be provided with feedback throughout the course. It is an alternative for those who cannot participate on our higly acclaimed Intensive and Foundation Courses, in which 85%+ and 100% of students have passed in the past nine years.

With the direct entry route candidates are eligible to take the university entrance exam and interview.  Each university has its own exam which is arranged by EMUCAS at the site of Abbey College in the UK. Rīga Stradiņš University does not require an exam, but makes offers based on the student’s background.

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