Charles Univeristy, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové started its educational activities on November 25, 1945 as the first Charles University faculty in East Bohemia. Initially, the Hradec Králové faculty was established as a part of the Prague Faculty of Medicine. 



  • The Hradec city centre - the "Old Town" - is small and easily accessible, with many restaurants and bars on the square.

  • There are two major shopping malls in the city; one of these also include a cinema where most films are shown in English.

  • A few minutes’ drive outside the town is a lake with a beach where students go for swimming, sunbathing and barbecues in the spring.

  • Hradec There is very little crime in HK and students feel safe when walking around the city, even at night.

  • In a survey conducted by MasterCard in 2010, Hradec was voted the best place to live in the Czech Republic.


Due to their co-operation and assistance it was immediately possible to establish both a high quality teaching staff and an effective departmental structure in Hradec Králové. For its entire existence, the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove has been among the top Czech university institutions.

Life at Charles University Hradec in Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové is a charming town with approximately 100,000 inhabitants. Translated, "Hradec Kralove" means “the Queens Castle”, and the town is situated about one and a half hour train ride away from Prague. Students from HK (as it is known) regularly go into Prague for shopping and social events.

Hradec Králové University has a lot to offer. From its outstanding academic campus to its social and sporting events such as concerts, balls, carnivals, and competitions. The cost of living is also cheaper than in Prague.


Dentistry (MDDr)                                                 Medicine  (MUDr)               

5 Years                                                                             6 years          


Students are accepted upon successfully completing an entrance exam and an interview.  To be able to sit the entrance examination students should have completed A Levels (or equivalent) and should have grade C’s or above in at least two science subjects: Chemistry and Biology, and preferable Physics/Maths as the third subject. For those who do not meet this criteria the Medical Foundation year is available (see separate information sheet for full details). If unsure that you meet the requirement please contact us to check.



Medicine/Dentistry There are three separate papers in the entrance exam: Chemistry, Biology and either Physics or Maths.  After the entrance examination is taken the university will chose those applicants with the highest pass marks from all applicants.

Directly before each exam we run a one week preparation course to help with the exam and interview. We also run weekend revision courses for single subjects. See above for details.


Complete our EMUCAS application form and return with supporting documents listed on the front page of the application. 



UK Exam Dates for:




8th April (Malvern)
31st May (Prague)

1st Year Fees:

  • £275 registration/exam fee
  • 600 CZK university application fee
  • Medicine 310 000 CZK 
  • Dentistry 340 000 CZK 

Start date:

Late September  2018

Duration       (full-time):

Medicine 6 Years

Dentistry 5 Years

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