Recognised European Medical and Dental Degree Programmes Taught Entirely in English

The Medical Foundation Course is an intensive science programme designed for students who wish to enter a Faculty of Medicine or Dentistry (or other medical fields) within the EU.

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of our foundation course students have been placed in the last 9 years

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Internationally recognised medical degrees

The numbers of available medical places in the UK do not meet the strong demand, this is causing anxiety and disappointment for many able students.

Those who are committed to attaining a Medical Degree may find they have no options available other than choosing a different career path to the one they really wish to take.

As a direct response to this dilemma, an opportunity was created by Abbey College in Malvern with Universities in the Czech Republic over 27 years ago, and then later within other EU countries. These links now make it possible for able students to follow their chosen profession by preparing with an ABBEY PATHWAYS Foundation Course and then obtaining internationally-recognised medical degrees.


Are the medical degrees recognised in the USA, Canada and other countries?
The degrees are fully recognized in the EU, and in most countries for at least limited registration. The student should ask the authorities or professional bodies in the respective country for information about the conditions for full registration and recognition of the degree required to practice medicine.
Do the universities offer graduate entry? Can I move straight into the second or third year?
All the universities work on a credit system, e.g. you may get credits if you have completed modules in your degree which are covered in the medical programme. It could be that you get credits if you have completed modules in your degree covered in the medical programme. If successful in the entrance examination, applicants are required to submit an official transcript of records and a detailed syllabus of their degree courses. Based on these documents, some courses and some years of study (usually of up to a maximum of 2 years’ in duration) might be recognised.
Can my relatives and friends stay in my accommodation when they visit?
Yes, if staying in halls. Most of the Universities offer short term accommodation for visiting relatives.

Medical and Dental degree programmes of the highest quality which are taught and assessed in English.

 ABBEY PATHWAYS now offers the Medicine and Dentistry Foundation Course in these three locations:

  •  Malvern, United Kingdom
  •  Prague, The Czech Republic
  •  Istanbul, Turkey

The universities we work with offer Medical and Dental degree programmes of the highest quality which are taught and assessed entirely in English. Our Foundation Course has been subject to positive publicity from major UK broadsheet newspapers as well as from major universities, hospitals, renowned academics and medical councils.

Qualifications from the universities we choose to work with have the same status as comparable qualifications in the UK, and therefore offer the same progression routes into Medicine and Dentistry.

Which universities work with ABBEY PATHWAYS?

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